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12: Recreational Therapy for Physical Symptoms with Recreation Specialist Holly Auth

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Episode Summary:

Want to learn how to improve physical symptoms after a brain injury?

In episode 12 of Brightway Answers, recreation specialist Holly Auth answers questions about physical symptoms and recreation therapy submitted by brain injury survivors and caregivers.

She answers questions like:
- What recreational activities are available for someone with a severe TBI and limited right arm and leg use?
- What can I do to improve my energy levels so I can function better throughout the day?
- Do you ever recommend that patients try alternative therapy like hyperbaric oxygen therapy or acupuncture?

You can see all of Holly’s answers on Brain Injury Q&A at If you have a follow-up question for Holly, add a comment to one of her answers and she'll get an email!

Holly Auth is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at ReMed and Learning Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She works in both the inpatient and outpatient programs and assists individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries to have healthy and productive leisure interests. Holly also is a community group facilitator for survivors of TBI with ReDiscoverU through The Council on Brain Injury.

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