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Your Physical Therapist in Your Pocket

Improve your recovery and stay connected to your therapist with Brightway’s advanced, easy-to-use physical therapy software.

Request an account from your physical therapist.

* Requires an account from your physical therapist.


The Future of Physical Therapy is Here

Welcome to the future of physical therapy care. At Brightway, we've blended patented technology with patient-centered care to redefine your recovery experience.


Consistency is King

Staying on top of your physical therapy can be tough, but Brightway’s thoughtfully designed features make it much easier...and even fun.

Easy to Use

Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing patients of all ages and tech proficiencies to benefit without difficulty.

Real-time Feedback

With immediate guidance as you complete your exercises at home, we help you answer the question to “am I doing this right?”.

Personalized Care

Stay motivated with valuable insights from your therapist as they guide you and refine your care plan between clinic visits.

Progress Tracking

Monitor your milestones with your therapist, celebrating every victory and adjusting for areas of improvement.

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Progress - Activity.jpg

Stay Connected, Stay Informed

No more waiting until your next visit to get your questions answered.

Reachable Therapists

Got a question? Reach out to your therapist with ease, ensuring you’re always on the right track.

Video Demos

Say goodbye to confusing print-outs. With our clear video demonstrations, each exercise becomes easy to follow and understand.

Appointment Management

One-tap access to call the clinic, get directions, or schedule your next appointment.

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Accessible Care for All

Brightway makes it simpler than ever to get the care that you need.

Use from Home

Whether you're miles away or facing transportation challenges, Brightway makes it easy to continue your physical therapy.

Covered by Insurance

Our software is covered by many insurers - check with your office to confirm that it’s covered under your plan.

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