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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring for Physical Therapy

Transform patient outcomes, clinic profitability, and patient engagement with cutting-edge RTM software.


The Future of Patient Engagement is Here

Only 30% of physical therapy patients complete their full course of care, even though those who remain in therapy recover faster and more completely.

Brightway Health is a comprehensive patient engagement solution. Our platform is the first designed specifically for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) and uses artificial intelligence to deliver best-in-class clinical and financial outcomes.

Our cutting-edge software complements your in-person treatment, helping you to better guide patients’ care without increasing burden on therapists.


See the Difference Brightway can Make for your Organization

By integrating Brightway into your practice, you can improve patient care, increase clinic profitability, and engage your patients more effectively, all while maintaining the human touch. Learn how Brightway can boost your organization’s performance.

Enhance Patient Engagement, Outcomes, and Satisfaction

Increase Profitability and Efficiency

Easy Implementation

Expand Your Reach

  • Improve patient retention and adherence for better clinical outcomes

  • Gain valuable insights into patients' technique, difficulty, adherence, and progress

  • Provide real-time feedback on technique to help patients perform their exercises correctly and safely

Take Your Care to the Next Level

State-of-the-Art Patient Engagement

Real-time feedback on exercise form to help patients perform their exercises correctly and safely

Gamified progress tracking and smart notifications to keep patients motivated and engaged

Easy-to-access appointment scheduling and seamless communication with their care team

Effortless Accessibility

An incredibly user-friendly experience available on any mobile device

Overcome distance and transportation barriers, ensuring patients receive the care they need

Benefit from coverage by Medicare and an expanding list of insurance providers

Extensive Home Exercise Video Library

Curated library of hundreds of home exercise videos, images, and instructions

Provide personalized exercise routines tailored to each patient's unique needs and goals

Secure and Compliant

Prioritize patient privacy and data security with Brightway's fully HIPAA-compliant software

Safeguard sensitive patient information using robust encryption and access controls

Comprehensive Data, Insights, and Reporting

Valuable insights into patients' technique, difficulty, adherence, and progress between appointments

Make data-driven decisions to optimize treatment plans, billing, and clinic operations with reports for billing, RTM time, and patient performance

Automated Documentation

Save time and ensure completeness and compliance with automated RTM documentation

Reduce manual documentation, allowing therapists to focus on delivering quality care

Notifications and reporting to ensure on-time and accurate billing


Brightway Health has signed the American Physical Therapy Association Digital Transparency pledge, illustrating our commitment to the fact that digital "physical therapy" services are only performed or directed by licensed physical therapists in accordance with all regulations and APTA’s Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy.

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